When the Path is not a Straight Line

by Ellen Burt (2013)

Ellen Burt's writing is magic. It slides and dances into and around a woman's life lived with an intense engagement with the non-human world. Here is language that is lyrical, powerful and engaging. This book reflects the wisdom of someone who has looked with a clear and intense gaze at life and has written perceptive tales of bears, boats, owls, natural disasters, ancient cedars and more. There is deep understanding, some of it hard won, in these stories.” -Luanne Armstrong

ISBN 978-0-9685302-5-2 - $20 pbk

Unknown Hum

by K.L. Kivi (2015)

The poems in Unknown Hum explore the terrain of living a mindful life passionately engaged with the natural world and activist politics.

ISBN 978-0-9685302-7-6 - $12 pbk

Maa Press - Blue Valley Blue Valley: An Ecological Memoir

by Luanne Armstrong (2007)

Well known novelist and young-adult writer Luanne Armstrong illuminates our understanding of what it means to belong to a place. Armstrong’s memoir about a lifetime relationship with a farm on the shore of Kootenay Lake in British Columbia is grounded in her belief that ecological restoration is dependent upon writing language back into land. “With beautiful lyricism and a storyteller's passion, Luanne Armstrong has written an epic at whose center lies a particular place, a family farm in eastern British Columbia. In a world beset by impermanence and loss of culture, nature and family, here's a book about recognizing what matters and trying to hang on to it.” Janisse Ray

ISBN 0-9685302-4-5, $23

K.Linda Kivi Inner GreenThe Inner Green: Exploring Home in the Columbia Mountains

by K.Linda Kivi and Eileen Delehanty Pearkes (2005)

The Inner Green delves into the terrain of the physical, biological and human history of the Columbia Mountains. These personal and moving essays touch on both the common and rare and include explorations about the cedar bug, the source of the Salmo River, endangered mountain caribou among others. “This delightful book is about personal discovery and reverence for the Columbia Mountain region. If you want to explore one of the loveliest places on earth, while gaining insights into its special beauty, its ecology and the people who inhabit it, this is a book you should read.” Joan Snyder, Wildlife Biologist

ISBN 0-9685302-2-2, $23

The following books can also be ordered through Maa Press:

Letter From Lubumbashi (2009) by K.Linda Kivi is the story of Joesph, a Congolese refugee, whose disturbing past unexpectedly comes to weigh upon him. Joseph’s internal struggle to make peace with the ghosts of war comes increasingly to contrast with his suburban, almost bucolic, family life in Canada. “Most impressive is the beauty of the writing, the economy of phrase, and the attention to detail.” Tonu Naelapea.

New Orphic Press, ISBN978-1-894842-15-0, $15

If Home is a Place (1995) by K.Linda Kivi explores the passionate and complex relationships between mothers and daughters, and brings to light women's experience of war. This powerful story delves into the refugee experience and the meaning of home, revealing how emigration can form the psyche of a people for generations. Dispossessed of their native Estonian home during World War II, Maria and her daughters, Sofi and Helgi, struggle to survive in war-torn Europe. In Canada, fifty years late, home is still not a given. We watch as Esther, the grown daughter of Sofi, slowly unravels the legacy of exile and discovers the place within herself that is home "Kivi's writing makes her characters and their emotions real. Altogether, this is a very satisfying book." Canadian Book Review Annual.

Polestar Press, ISBN 1-896095-02-X, $16

Canadian Women Making Music (1992) by K.Linda Kivi is an exploration of Canadian women composers and musicians from a historical perspective. The book also includes photographs and a series of in-depth interviews with contemporary musicians from across Canada including Alanis Obomsawin, Salome Bey, Katari Taiko, Pamela Morgan, Ann Southam and Rita MacNeil. This book is a must read for aspiring musicians and people interested in filling out herstory.

Green Dragon Press, ISBN 0-9691955-8-3, $25