Not Extinct: Keeping the Sinixt Way (2018)

What does it look like to return from Extinction? In this book, Sinixt storytellers and knowledge-keepers Marilyn James and Taress Alexis address the reality of their living culture in the face of Canada’s bureaucratic genocide of their people in 1956. Through lively story and discussions by the authors, each chapter illuminates the Sinixt relationship with the upper Columbia River watershed and their quest to reclaim their rights and responsibilities in their x̌aʔx̌aʔ tum xúlaʔxʷ, their sacred homeland. Gorgeous illustrations and reflections by regional settler and Indigenous artists and writers give readers further opportunities to engage with the stories. Their perspectives represent the interest of increasing numbers of people in developing respectful and decolonizing relationships among Indigenous and settler peoples and to inspire the work of reversing the Sinixt extinction. Join them all to meet the trickster Snk̓lip and the other Animal Beings who people the stories of the captikʷɬ, the Sinixt oral history.

Free Audio Download of the 21 Sinixt stories that go with Not Extinct - user name and password are on the copyright page of the book. These stories are also available for purchase as a 2-CD set.

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ISBN 978-0-9685302-8-3 176 pages with colour+b/w illustration

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What Forever Feels Like (2018)

by Ellen Burt, illustrations by Oiseau

Ellen Burt navigates issues of family, land, love and loss with clarity and skill. Her beautiful poetic language tells the story of a family and a community within a very particular time and place. Although her book is nostalgic and often sad, it resonates with the energy that Ellen brought to her rural life, a life assembled from everything she knew she wanted: family, animals, children, picking apples, milking cows, visits with neighbours, and stories from the Old Timers. This is a book full of great stories and wonderful images, stories of a time that will not return. It is an important record and a reflection of the people who worked hard to create community and friendship living close to the land despite the hardships that often came their way.

ISBN 978-1-9995548-0-4 -pbk with b/w illustrations, $23-

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The Town of Nothing

illustrated by Amber Santos, written by K.Linda Kivi (2015)

The Town of Nothing is an all ages picture book that, through a series of puns on the word “nothing,” explores what wilderness contains versus what towns contain. Look for the grizzly, hidden or not, in each image. This book is a fundraiser for the Jumbo Wild! campaign (

ISBN 978-0-9685302-6-9 - $15 pbk

K.Linda Kivi The Purcell Suite: Upholding the WildThe Purcell Suite: Upholding the Wild (2007)

This anthology of twenty-five essays by Canadian and US writers explores the ecological wonders and beauty of the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia and the USA. With intimate contemplation of the land, work, historical journeys, and explorations into the complex ecology of this range, this book features a diverse selection of writings united by a common sense of place. Authors include Stan Rowe, Luanne Armstrong, Rick Bass, Janisse Ray, Tom Wayman, Pat Morrow and Fred Wah. This book is a fundraiser for the Jumbo Wild! campaign and to conserve the wilderness values of the Purcell Range. “A stunning collection of insightful journeys through an inspiring and diverse landscape.” Wade Davis, Author and Anthropologist

ISBN 0-9685302-3-0, $25